Founded in 2020, we are a professional gaming and esports organisation that specialises in esports marketing. With an established network of esports influencers, video gaming streamers and professional esports teams, we are a catalyst for connecting brands and businesses with the video gaming community.



2020 November


EMERGE Esports launched as Singapore's newest esports talent agency with 40 esports athletes and personalities

2021 February

Pro Team Signing

EMERGE partnered with Filipino organisation Bren Esports to support their expansion into Singapore

2021 March

Pro Team Signing

EMERGE expanded Pro Team Management services to China by signing renown Chinese esports organisations LGD Gaming and EHOME

2021 May


TikTok teamed up with EMERGE to engage more gamers and esports enthusiasts across Singapore and Southeast Asia

2021 June


Singapore's national broadcaster and media network, Mediacorp, partnered with EMERGE to grow esports content in the country

2021 September

Seed Funding

EMERGE closes its SGD$2.1M seed round funding from The Activation Group and Riau Capital Live

2021 October

MNC Partnership

Social media behemoth, Twitter partnered with EMERGE to boost interactions and develop budding esports content

2021 November

First Anniversary

EMERGE achieves SGD$1.2M in revenue within first year

2022 March


EMERGE reaches 23M in talent influence throughout the esports scene


Corporate Partnerships

We partner with corporate businesses who are interested in involving their brand with the esports and video gaming community. Some of our current partners include TikTok, Mediacorp, Twitter and more.

Venue Partnerships

We work with businesses that are interested in populating their venue or event spaces with the esports crowd and video gaming community. Some of our partners include Pan Pacific Singapore, JustCo Global and Hatten Land Limited.

NFT Publishing Studio

Through interactive campaigns, we assist businesses, gaming influencers, live streamers and esports teams with their integration onto various NFT platforms, and the Metaverse.


What are some of the ways my company can work with you?

Before we go ahead to suggest any form of collaboration or game plan, we will first need to understand your business and its goals. Exploring possible synergies and how we can help grow each other can aid with a more rational decision making.

What types of campaigns can you do?

Depending on your marketing objectives, we will customize the campaigns and activations in order to achieve your desired result. Ranging from live streaming, offline activations, product reviews and jersey sponsorship, we provide a full marketing suite for clients looking to break into new markets such as gaming, esports and crypto related.

Why should I enter or break into the gaming market?

Breaking into the gaming market means getting access to a very specific group of people who are loyal, tech-savvy, more willing to try new things and innovative

How many teams does EMERGE Esports manage?

We manage a total of 12 teams across the globe and plan to double the amount

How many talents do with have in SG and also SEA?

Emerge today has 80+ talents in Singapore and a total of 300+ talents in SEA. We are constantly adding more talents into our database so we are looking to double that amount in due time

How can sponsoring EMERGE jersey help with my company?

With our jersey worn by over 300+ talents in SEA, your brand will often appear in streams, photos and events. Your logo will also be part of our overlay template, which shows every single time any of our streamers go live. This helps your brand achieve high awareness among the viewers as well as help keep the brand top of mind.

Why do we want to partner or work with emerge?

By partnering or working with emerge, you get to access our eco-system of sponsors, clients and partners where relevant. We will be able to bridge or create tie-ins with our partners who may be a good fit for your business model. Our ideal vision is to grow together as an eco system.

Do Emerge organise eports tournament?

Depending on our client's budget, We can organize esports tournaments of different scales if needed.