Todak Gaming and Boom Esports Join Forces with Award-Winning Startup, EMERGE Esports, For Sponsorship Opportunities in Emerging Industries

Singapore, 26 April 2022 – EMERGE Esports, Singapore’s award-winning professional gaming and esports startup, today announced their partnership with leading competitive teams, BOOM Esports in Indonesia and Todak Gaming in Malaysia. This new alliance will find EMERGE Esports supporting up to 12 professional teams with new brand endorsements in emerging industries during their competitive journeys.

Expanding beyond esports teams in Singapore, EMERGE Esports will also be expanding their advertising inventory beyond traditional methods to manage new growth opportunities for the teams, especially for The International 2022 tournament, and other titles such as Valorant and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


Entry Into Indonesia’s Professional Esports Arena

Commenting on the new partnership, Pang Xue Jie, Chief Growth Officer of EMERGE Esports shared, “Indonesia has always been an important market to EMERGE and we’ve been aggressively pushing for efforts into the country. BOOM Esports is one of the biggest DOTA 2 team in Southeast Asia and we are definitely celebrating this alliance as a company. We believe that our partnership with BOOM Esports will definitely push EMERGE to greater heights, and while this might be our first pro team partnership in Indonesia, it certainly won’t be the last.”

Southeast Asia’s esports sector has always been driven by Indonesia, and the industry has always grown faster than any other Southeast Asian nation. EMERGE Esports aims to fully utilise their substantial network of brands to secure sponsorships for BOOM Esports in new emerging industries, such as blockchain. Some brands within EMERGE Esports’ network include Bybit, Tokenize Xchange, Epic Meta, Dreams Quest and they have also recently partnered with Tokocrypto, a prominent crypto-assets digital exchange in Indonesia.

“EMERGE has great connections and has proved their dominance across Southeast Asia. We were looking for a formidable agency to represent us within the region, and we’re very excited for BOOM Esports to partner with EMERGE. We firmly believe that together we can take the next step and establish ourselves as one of the best esports organisations in Southeast Asia”, shared Gary Ongko Putera, Chief Executive Officer of BOOM Esports in support of this union.


Advancing Beyond Traditional Sponsorship Management

With the rise of NFTs exploding into the global esports and gaming industry, a growing number of partnerships between the two worlds have continued to emerge. Beyond strengthening the fan base and identity for professional teams, EMERGE Esports has expanded into bridging the gap between esports athletes and the NFT world for them to explore new revenue streams.

While this new offering will be unique to each organisation, it will essentially enable esports teams to launch their own NFT collections, as well as offer exclusive events and personal experiences to their fans. Interactions for the public include allowing fans vote for their favourite team’s jersey design, which will be worn during upcoming tournaments in the season, or better yet, win fully-paid-for trips to travel alongside their favourite athletes.


About EMERGE Esports

Founded in 2020, EMERGE Esports is an award-winning Singapore-based professional gaming and esports organisation, that pride themselves on their expertise to connect businesses with the video gaming community. Along with a network of over 100 gaming influencers and 11 pro teams, EMERGE Esports has also established partnerships with brands, such as RedBull, StashAway, BYBIT, and more. EMERGE Esports is also a Silver Award winner for PR Awards 2021 in the Best Use of Micro/Niche Influencers category. For more information about EMERGE Esports, please visit www.emerge-esports.com.


About Boom Esports

Established in November 2016, BOOM Esports is a multinational, multidivisional esports organization with top-tier rosters from Southeast Asia. Firm on their mission to support gifted professional esports talent, BOOM aims to provide proper professional support, facilities, equipment and management expertise to pro players. BOOM Esports believes that by providing our talents with the right support, the boundaries of our success are limitless. For more information about BOOM Esports, please visit boomesports.gg.


About Todak

Launched in 2019, Todak Gaming was created with the intention of being a community leader. Beginning with their Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team, Todak was crowned the second runner-up for the Mobile Legends World Championship 2019, and the Champion of Malaysia in 2020. With a complete ecosystem of clothing, gaming peripherals, education, sports, and motorsports, Todak has also established multiple teams in Valorant, Dota 2, PUBGM, and Wild Rift. For more information about Todak, please visit todak.com.